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Supercharge early development and connect with friends in our LIVE virtual or in-person music classes for kids.

How do music and movement supercharge brainpower?

It gives the brain a complete workout, and research tells us the earlier we put all of our lobes to work at once, the better. That’s where Kindermusik comes in—we provide joyful, engaging activities to promote school readiness, lifelong learners, and a more confident, kinder generation.

Illustration of the human brain. How music and movement affect all areas of the brain and boost development.
Illustration of the 5 parts of the brain. How music classes for children and schools boost brainpower.
Illustration of the human brain. How music and movement affect all areas of the brain and boost development.

We’ve got a musical solution for you.

Whether you’re looking for classes for your children, stronger curricula for your students, or fresh teaching methods for yourself, Kindermusik has you covered.

Kindermusik Level 1 curriculum kit. Kindermusik curricula for schools and early learning environments.


For schools and early learning environments

Teacher leading a Kindermusik class with hand motions and singing. Kindermusik training for early education and music professionals.


For early education and music professionals

NEW Kindermusik Resources Subscription

Starting at just $5.95/month, you can access searchable, pre-planned musical play activities with 100+ streamable songs for ages 0-7.

Every option includes:

New activities each month

Lyrics, scores, and demo videos

Adaptations and Spanish translations

And more!

Circular illustration with two-person icon and hearts, highlighting positive early social emotional research results. Independent research studies.

The results are in...

Independent studies show Kindermusik’s approach to play-based learning improves cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth.

Trusted by families, schools, and partners worldwide.

Smart phone with screen open to Kindermusik app. Free Kindermusik app.

Group learning sparks cognitive connections. Learning at home seals the deal.

We believe in the power of meaningful moments at home. Our free app supports streaming class music from anywhere, playlists for daily routines, tappable instrument play, how-to craft videos, and more!

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